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Spiked Tap.jpg

The Spiked Tap

Magus and Cid's hideout, a bar run by Magus when he's not guiding Cid or looking for more clients. Only serves non-alcoholic drinks.

Ref: Top Gun: Maverick

Knights' Tower (West)

Lorraine's home and main hub of the West Coast chapter of The Knights of the Round, the modern version of the Knights of the Round Table. Snuggly hidden away in the middle of Downtown L.A.

Tower Shot.jpg

Ref: The Tree of Life


The Sprawl

One of the United States' "undercities," where typically only monsters and myths are allowed to live. Cid and Magus live here, along with Gilbert who has a mansion on top of a skyscraper. Talk about excessive luxury! The city itself is buried under L.A.

Ref: Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Gilbert's Mansion

Gilbert's own little slice of luxury, complete with booby traps, armed guards, and an alarm system that could wake the dead. Modeled after the evilest building he could find - a mega mansion.

Gilbert's Mansion.jpg

Ref: Babylon


Los Angeles

The City of Angels, The Big Orange, the one and only! Notable locations include Library Tower (an actual library for the knights on the top floor), the Metro Rail (almost all the closed tunnels lead into The Sprawl), and of course, Hollywood!

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