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The series is currently broken into four seasons with each centering around Cid's relationships with the main antagonist(s) for each season: Lorraine, Gilbert, Reddorick, and Merlin.

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Novice Thief

This season, Cid works on establishing himself as a thief and treasure hunter, while he contends with Lorraine's interference, and Gilbert's constant attempts to get him out of the way with dangerous tasks. Each mission Gilbert hires Cid for is a way for Gilbert to get more power for his end goal. Halfway through, Lorraine (reluctantly) joins Cid's crew in order to keep him from breaking the law. It ends with Gilbert taking over The Sprawl with a magical army of living armor!


Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire

This season focuses on Cid, Lorraine, and Magus getting themselves and the city out from under Gilbert's control by finding magical artifacts to counteract the villain's power and stopping his army from marching on the other undercities in the country. They do this with the help of Reddorick, Lorraine's commander, and capture Gilbert, but the season ends with Reddorick declaring martial law and taking the city himself, while banishing Cid, Magus and Lorraine for their extra-legal activities that put Gilbert in power to begin with. With Cid feeling betrayed by Lorraine for calling the knights for help in the first place, and Magus for not stopping them, he leaves to find his birth parents with info from the Knights.

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Knight-slayer Cid

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Cid, after being exiled, has found his way back to his birth parents and attempts to be a normal kid. He acclimates until Magus comes calling for his help to find Lorraine and take the city back. He says he's found someone who can help: Merlin, King Arthur's immortal court sage. He's lost most of his power, but can still help the team. Together, they find Lorraine and rally the people of The Sprawl to rise up against Reddorick, resulting in the Knight Commander's discharge and arrest, leaving Merlin to find the final step to regaining his lost power... then attempting to usurp his dead king's lineage and become ruler of all myths and humans.


The Kid Who Would be King

Cid, Magus, Lorraine, a recently-escaped Gilbert, and the band of friends and found family our heroes found along their adventures need to band together for the fight of their lives. The most magical human to ever walk the earth is claiming dominion over the entire world and the only thing that can save them is Arthur's missing sword, Excalibur. After tracking it back to Ser Mordred, Arthur's son, the gang realize that Cid's homeless friend, Morrie, is the amnesiac son of the King and he can lead them to the sword, but he can't use it himself after he lost the right. Cid, however, can wield the sword and takes on Merlin, stripping the sage of all his powers but destroying the sword in the process. With the sword lost, and Cid the rightful king by Excalibur's law, he will work to combine the human and myth worlds for everyone.

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