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A foster home reject looks to make his own found family the only way he knows how: grand theft magic.

Follow Cid, a teenaged foster home runaway as he meets friends, outwits foes, and strives for the ultimate treasure-hunting score - Excalibur, the sword of King Arthur! Along the way, he's joined by a cavalcade of characters, each looking for the blade for their own reasons. Knock heads with Lorraine, Cid's sometimes-ally as she strives for rank and recognition, or get greedy with Magus who's trying to buy his way back to his own hometown.

Cid and his friends will go toe-to-toe with trials, challenges, and villains as they adventure, such as Gilbert, a disgusting slime/goblin hybrid who can stretch his body out at will and has a deep hatred for anything human.

It's a race against time, other thieves, and even the world itself where the grand prize is the power of King Arthur!

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