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Cid, one of the few humans allowed in a city of monsters and myths, has been training for years to become a master thief. Now, he finally gets his chance to shine as he takes on his first solo job from his fence and mentor, Magus.
Not everything goes smoothly, though, as Cid's mark isn't where it's supposed to be and he gets captured by the knight, Lorraine, while searching for it. Now it's a race to escape and find the item in question before it falls into the wrong hands!

Meanwhile, Magus has to deal with the client who hired them, a surly globin (goblin/slime hybrid) named Gilbert who runs their city's black market and the criminal underworld.

EP 01
The Knight in King's Step


Cid and Magus get word that the knights are searching the city for an unknown, but powerful artifact. Sensing an adventure (and possibly a payday), Cid goes to investigate and runs into Lorraine. Gilbert Sends his men to secure the item by any means necessary, forcing Cid and Lorraine to team up.

EP 02
The Bats in the Belfry

Lorraine gets dispatched out to L.A. on a covert mission to find some monsters that may have been seen by humans. What she finds are some children that Cid has been taking care of and is forced to choose: disobey orders and help the kids, or be a good knight and turn them in. Cid works to bring the monster children around L.A. down into the Sprawl where they'll be safe.

EP 03
The Monster in the Mines

A new construction project in The Sprawl reveals a vein of precious gems, but further work awakens something sinister in the caves. Cid sneaks down to find Lorraine's platoon of knights have been sent to guard the site, but the two of them get trapped underground and have to work together to get out.

EP 04
The Team of Three

Cid gets cornered by knights while stealing Hermes' winged sandals but makes a daring escape! Lorraine determines that she's not going to be able to bring Cid in yet, so she decides to keep her enemies closer and do her best to stop Cid from his thieving and teams up with Magus and Cid. Gilbert begins building his forces with a plot to overthrow the knights and march to L.A.

EP 05
The Gem in the Jungle


Cid and Magus get a tip from Gilbert that there's a powerful and expensive "Gem of Nine Winds" hiding in the Amazon Jungle. Magus sends Cid and Lorraine to get it, but upon realizing that a tribe of lost monsters needs it to survive, they have to decide if it's worth taking it. Meanwhile, knights have been dispatched at Gilbert's request to retrieve the same gem, forcing Cid and Lorraine to come into conflict with them.

EP 06
The Boy in the Bedroll


Cid and Lorraine return from a successful caper (much to Lorraine's chagrin) and Cid immediately sneaks off. Lorraine tails him only to find Cid helping at the orphanage that took him in when he first came to The Sprawl. Lorraine returns to Magus who tells her how Cid came to be in The Sprawl in the first place and how Cid gives almost all the money and free time he has to them to repay the favor.

EP 07
The Blade in Big Timber


Cid gets another job from Gilbert designed to get him killed and sets of to Big Timber, Montana where the Norse sword Balmung is said to be hiding. When he gets there, Cid finds that the town is inhabited by only trolls and that if he wants the sword he'll have to face trials and tribulations to earn it. Gilbert leaves an anonymous note at the orphanage for Cid that outlines a treasure that Magus has been hiding from him.

EP 08
The Golem in the Gold Vault


Cid gets Gilbert's note and enlists Lorraine's help to break into Magus' bar after hours. The two of them find a vault packed full of gold and gems, but more importantly, find a damaged golem that could level both The Sprawl and LA if set off. Gilbert swoops in and steals the golem, leaving Cid to explain what happened to his oldest friend. With his army complete, Gilbert begins his march to the knights' tower in the mountains outside L.A.

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