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"Geez, Cid. It’s like you never left. Come on, we’ve got work to do."

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Art by @Gafagear on Twitter

Tall. Handsome. Kind-hearted. All things that absolutely would not describe Magus "The Eye." Magus is Cid's fence and oldest friends in The Sprawl. He sells whatever Cid steals for a cut (that usually gets gambled away or spent on stupid things) just like he did for Cid's adoptive parents when they were in the game. Magus was kicked out of The Chasm under Phoenix a long time ago for something he refuses to talk about and now he owes Gilbert a huge sum of money for sheltering him after that. While rough on the outside, he cares for Cid like a little brother. An admittedly obnoxious little brother. 

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