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Our cast of cons!

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Cid is the young, human upstart hero of our adventure. A pint-sized master thief with a heart of gold, Cid's always out to help those in need -- even if it's not always through the best ways.


Lorraine is Cid's foil and constant sidekick, though typically not by choice. A half-orc member of the latest incarnation of the Knights of the Round Table, Lorraine understands that Cid's heart is in the right place, but she can't keep letting him get away with breaking the law... can she?



Magus is Cid's oldest friend in The Sprawl, and also his fence. Whatever Cid steals, this gruff dwarf can sell - for a cut, of course. Magus runs The Spiked Tap, a bar/thieve's hideout for Gilbert, whom he owes a sizeable debt to. While he's tough on the outside, Magus cares for Cid like they were father and son. Or maybe really weird uncle and nephew.

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Gilbert is our globin villain. Fifty percent goblin, fifty percent slime, and one-hundred percent bad news, Gilbert rose to power in The Sprawl almost overnight. No one really knows where he came from, or how he did it, but now he's got every thief, thug, and lowlife in the undercity working for him. Rumors have been passed around saying he's on a mad hunt for Excalibur, bringing him right into our heroes' path...

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Reddorick is the leader of the Knights of The Round in the Western U.S.A, and Lorraine's boss. A believer in the "pure" history of the Knights of the Round, Reddorick employs his knights, his connections, and his centuries of strategic and martial skill in order to find Excalibur and return the Knights to their former glory.


Morrie, "King of the Bums," is the only other human that can be found in The Sprawl. Down on his luck and out of his mind, Morrie feels at home with the monsters and mayhem of The Sprawl, and most of the inhabitants at least tolerate him. You can find him most days wandering the streets, trying to pass off his signature steel pipe to anyone who will humor him for a moment.

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