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Morrie is the only other human you'll find who actually lives in The Sprawl (if you can call it living). He was a homeless man who wandered down sometime in the eighties and due to his obvious lack of sanity, was allowed to stay, since no one would believe him even if he told L.A. there were monsters under the streets. He's good-natured and has a kind heart, but everyone in the undercity thinks he's lost his mind on account of him proclaiming that his favorite pipe is Excalibur. Still, he and Cid have become fast friends and they know they can rely on one another when they get into a scrap.


"Cid, I know this sounds crazy, but I think that you've got a Knight and an alien following you. Oh, just the knight? Half points for me then." 

Art by @Gafagear on Twitter

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